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Megatrend E-Mobility

More climate protection, less dependence on fossil fuels, new markets...

Megatrend E-Mobility

Resource scarcity, environmental pollution and rising energy costs: the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions in automobile construction is of central importance. In order to realise more efficient and lower-emission vehicles, manufacturers are relying on lightweight construction solutions in combination with innovative drive technologies. In addition to further optimisation of combustion engines, hybrid drives and electric drives, some of which are used with range extenders, are the focus of further developments.


These developments also have an impact on the elastomer components and systems used in the vehicle, e.g. on the engine mountings. This has to be adapted in detail to the drive technology used in each case and has a decisive influence on driving comfort, i.e. the oscillations, vibrations and acoustic phenomena perceivable in the vehicle.

While current combustion engines are excited in particular by low-frequency gas and mass forces, electric drives tend to produce high-frequency excitations up to the kHz range. Since the "masking combustion noises" are missing here during driving, these high-frequency disturbances can be subjectively perceived as particularly unpleasant.

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Special requirements are placed on the insulation properties of the bearing components used. In order to meet these requirements, specially developed elastomer compounds as well as specific component designs are used. This is done in order to fulfil the complex specifications with regard to the required static and dynamic component properties and to achieve the service life targets. In addition to classic elastomeric bearings, hydraulically damped bearings are also used. Exemplary designs are presented.

Core Topics

In addition to the already mentioned high-frequency characteristics of bearing systems and its components, the following topics will also be covered:
  • testing techniques used
  • design of testing techniques
  • design and material influences on component characteristics

related product areas

NVH Concepts

By using our NVH concepts, further significant comfort improvements can be realised. In addition, the noise characteristics of a vehicle can be specifically influenced.