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Material expertise

Our extensive materials knowledge and understanding enables us to provide customized solutions that ensure high comfort while maintaining optimal dynamic properties. The creation of customized elastomer compounds is fundamental to the optimization of NVH solutions. Since elastomers can deform significantly under load and then return to their original shape, our material experts develop with regard to durability and optimal performance. We find a solution for every application. We offer a wide range of materials. These include materials for standard applications that offer a good price/performance ratio, as well as materials for niche challenges that are made possible via specially created elastomer formulations. The development of new materials in our state-of-the-art mixing facilities in the pilot plant as well as in our test laboratory is part of our repertoire.

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Natural rubber

Elastomers made of natural rubber offer optimum elasticity and are therefore the main component of our NVH designs. Since natural rubber elastomers can deform considerably under stress and then return to their original shape, this material is an indispensable component. Thus, natural rubber is used in products for engine and chassis mounts, absorbers, isolators and dampers.

Synthetic rubber

In temperature-critical vehicle areas, special demands are made on durability. For this purpose, we use heat-resistant synthetic rubbers such as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). Due to its temperature stability and damping properties, EPDM is used in exhaust suspensions, dampers and absorber elements for cars and trucks.