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Component strength, performance characterisation and material analyses can be tested in our test centre under all climatic conditions.

Test capacities

Statics & dynamics test

  • Quasi-static and low-frequency deformations and excitations
  • Climatic chamber -40°C to 200°C

Strength test

  • MTS triaxial machines
  • Two clamping fields with hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders of various sizes
  • Climatic chambers -40°C to 200°C

High frequency test

  • 50Hz - 3000Hz
  • TV 56280/LS-180 controller system
  • Decoupled seismic mass

Constantly increasing demands on vehicle components

Every component and all materials used have to perform at their best. And this over the entire service life of a vehicle. An experienced team of engineers and the wide range of test and trial facilities ensure that the functionality and service life suitability are guaranteed. The Jianxin Test Centre examines and tests individual components, modules and subsystems of vehicles. The focus here is on components made of polymeric or metallic materials, ageing, weathering and dust simulations, acoustics, thermals and material cards.

Excellent performance in all components has become an essential goal of vehicle development. This is because it contributes to product quality, driving pleasure and customer satisfaction.

In addition to state-of-the-art simulation technology, experimental testing tools are the prerequisite for cost-effective and optimal development. The testing technology minimizes the effort of troubleshooting and tuning already before production and thus shortens the time to market. Our services range from NVH benchmark, troubleshooting and climatic effects to the development of integrative performance components within the vehicle integration and full NVH responsibility for the complete vehicle. Jianxin Zhao's Technology Co Ltd's testing expertise includes:

  • Quasi-static and dynamic component characterisation.
  • Strength and durability analysis
  • Analysis of high-frequency vibration behaviour (e.g. e-mobility)
  • Climate change tests
  • Material analyses of metal alloys, plastic materials, elastomer compounds
  • Salt spray tests
  • Test mechanisms and test rigs customised to customer specifications

In-house test benches offer additional flexibility in vehicle development. Jianxin Zhao's Co. Ltd. provides support in solving testing and experimental tasks in development and production. The test center in Ninghai offers comprehensive services and experience in the design, development, construction, assembly and maintenance of test benches - including development responsibility for the entire process from the analysis of the test task to the turnkey plant. Audits and maintenance work of the testing machine manufacturers and external institutes are also carried out at regular intervals.

Other test facilities

Environmental simulation

Temperature chamber

Environmental simulation

Window seal test

Sprinkler system

sun roof test